Gaza’s Hospitals Struggle to Cope as Invasion Threatens to Worsen the Crisis!!!

Isreal-Gaza war is worsening day by day, and no one is succeeding in seizing this brutal fight. The humanitarian crises are at their peak, because of the revolt between Israel and Hamas. The entire region is facing a great shortage of food, water, electricity, and fuel because the Israeli military has blocked the supply to Gaza.

Many hospitals and healthcare centers have been hardly influenced by fuel deficiency, with lots of them facing total breakdowns, and numerous patients are at risk due to this situation.

UN officials gave an alert on Tuesday, remarking that their operations in the Gaza strip would come to a deadlock within hours. doctors in Gaza give alarming news,  that there is a severe shortage of fuel and basic supplies in hospitals. 

All hospitals and healthcare centers are overcrowded, and this could lead to the huge loss of thousands of lives. Due to this worse situation, Palestinians are facing a lot of challenges in their search for access to food, clean water, and safety.

Due to the increasing number of injured civilians and rapidly decreasing supplies, hospitals in Gaza are completely blocked. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that in Gaza City and the northern area 12 out of the 35 hospitals in Gaza are considered as non-functional, with 46 out of 72 healthcare facilities across Gaza also restricted.

The WHO released a report emphasizing the alarming situation for the people in Gaza, and it could turn into a disaster without the constant supply of fuel, basic medical stuff, and other humanitarian service.

To address the dire fuel shortage, aid associations supplied 34,000 liters of fuel on Monday to four major hospitals in Gaza. However, this quantity of fuel can only keep up ambulances and critical hospital functions for a little over 24 hours. This aid can only aid a few hospitals many other facilities, including Gaza’s biggest hospital, Shifa, are still waiting for supplies and fuel from the WHO.

Ghaza Invasion Threatens to Worsen the Crisis

“We have a shortage of everything, and we are dealing with very complex surgeries,” declared Abed, a doctor working at Al Quds Hospital. Even with a brutal order declared by the Israeli military, the medical center resumes to supply care for a lot of victims.

“These people are all terrified, and so am I,” the surgeon said. “But there is no way we’ll evacuate.”

On Saturday, the first delivery of food, water, and medicine eventually entered Gaza from Egypt after undergoing holds at the border. With the 20-truck aid, four trucks were packed with drugs and medical supplies. However, aid workers and medical professionals warned that this aid is insufficient to address the heightening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

“It’s a nightmare. If more aid doesn’t come in, I fear we’ll get to the point where going to a hospital will do more harm than good,” said Mehdat Abbas, an official in the Health Ministry under Hamas’s administration.

The healthcare professionals throughout Gaza are being forced to employ unhygienic ways to treat people due to the severe shortage. The medical staff in many hospitals have had to use sewing needles to stitch wounds, which can damage tissue. The deficiency of bandages has forced doctors to wrap clothing around severe burns, increasing infection risks. Because of the insufficient amount of antibiotics, they are restricted to giving single pills instead of multiple courses to patients struggling with serious bacterial infections.


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