Jack Draper’s Biggest Prediction About Emma Raducanu!!!

Jack Draper's Prediction

The upcoming tennis season could be challenging for both Jack Draper and Emma Raducanu because they both face setbacks in the year 2023. A lot of eyes will be on them because they are outstanding British performers in the sport’s future. Despite passing through a difficult situation they both aspire to get fit soon and are hopeful for the new year.

Jack Draper knows Emma Raducanu from their starting days. He is hopeful for her return and predicts that she could be the world’s best tennis player if she works on her skills. Draper praises her talent and says, ‘When she’s fit, she’s an incredible player.’ 

He emphasizes the challenges that Raducanu faced pre-US Open, ‘I think people forget that before the US Open, she was still in school, she didn’t have a lot of training. I think to expect so much of her after that is a bit of a mistake because she hasn’t maybe got a lot of that physical foundation and the experience of playing on the tour that all those other players have.’

Raducanu is a former US champion, she got quick fame. She is just 21 and at this time ranked 298th. She has undergone wrist and ankle surgeries. 


Draper thinks that expecting too much too soon after her quick rise is unfair, he expresses his thoughts saying, ‘I think the talent that she’s got and the maturity to do what she did at the US Open is off the charts. If she can get herself to being at a good fitness level where she’s built up that resilience over months and years and keeps working on her game, she’ll be right up there with the best in the world and competing for Grand Slams. The fitness side of things, it’s not a quick fix, it takes a lot of time.’ 

Now after the gap of 8 months, she is training in Auckland and trying hard to get fit and to come back soon. She played her first game in Auckland in a couple of weeks.

Draper acknowledges her enthusiasm for return, saying “She’s motivated to want to come back. I don’t know how she’s going to get on but I know that, at some point next year, the year after that, she’s going to be back to being in those finals and those big positions because she’s got everything it takes. It’s just a matter of when.

Draper is very hopeful for Raducanu’s comeback. He is sure that she also has the same level of spirit that he had when it comes to returning again.

Even though he himself faced a lot of injuries during the whole year and missed a lot of important games.  His injuries included hip, abdominal, and a shoulder injury in the French open; he also missed Wimbledon.  But he’s experienced a revival in his games, He returns in August and gives an excellent performance.


Recently he reached the US Open fourth round and an ATP Tour final. With his ranking rising back up to 61 from a low of 123. Now he is hopeful to say goodbye to the injuries and surely come with great enthusiasm. He set a target to be in the top 20 next year while staying fit in major tournaments. He expresses that he’s learned a lot of things during his time off, leading him to a changed mindset that’s improved his gameplay.

‘I think maybe with my shoulder injury you come off the court and have all this time watching people win things on the big stages, and you feel like you’re not being productive. You gain that love for it back. I don’t know how she’s going to get on but I know that at some point next year, or the year after that she’s going to be back to being in those finals and big positions because she’s got everything it takes. It’s just a matter of when.’

Australia after Christmas

‘So I feel like in terms of the body stuff, I’m in a great place and I’m hoping that being Mr. Injured is behind me now. I want to be in the top 20 in the world. I want to stay injury-free. I want to make sure that I’m able to play five sets in the Grand Slam without breaking down physically.’

Now draper will start his new journey after coming back to Australia after Christmas. Draper is determined to continue his ascent in the tennis world, fueled by a newfound perspective and a stronger belief in his capabilities. Ahead of his upcoming tournament in Adelaide starting on January 8, Draper will spend Christmas at home before heading to Australia on December 29.


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