Merapi’s Eruption: Hikers’ Incredible Tale of Escape from Disaster!!!

Merapi's Eruption

Mount Marapi, also known as the Mountain of Fire, is approximately 2,891 meters high on Sumatra. It is considered the most active volcano, setting Indonesia’s volcanic intensity within the Pacific Ring of Fire. The country, affected by nearly 130 active volcanoes, continuously faces volcanic and seismic activity due to the overlap of continental plates.

Mountain Marapi unexpectedly erupted on 3 December on Sunday, 2:54 pm local time. It stands at Indonesia’s third-highest alert level, provoking authorities to establish a restricted zone around it. No immediate updates of damage or losses appeared, yet officials showed concern about several unidentified hikers. According to the latest updates 23 climbers lost their lives out of 75. This incident has forced hiking safety during volcanic activity into the spotlight. It highlights the significance of precautionary measures and maintaining safety protocols.

Seasoned adventurer Sri Wahyuni starts her journey with 74 other climbers to head to Mount Merapi. She and her companions expected it as a routine climb that unexpectedly turned into a fight for survival as the mountain erupted, leaving Wahyuni and her group surprised.

After spending six fascinating hours at the top, their collapse started around 2:45 PM local time. Suddenly, thunderous roars signaled the eruption’s onset, changing the peaceful landscape into a nightmare. Mount Merapi erupted violently, flooding the climbers with stones and destroying them in smoke and ash.

survival as the mountain erupted

In this panic situation, they raced down the slopes. They ran through falling rubble, seeking shelter under sturdy trees. Once the volcano decreased, they regrouped at a shelter post, trying to find three friends who had fallen earlier.

Interestingly, on the same day, a Pelita Air flight experienced a five-hour delay due to a passenger’s bomb prank. This affair, besides the volcanic eruption, dominated regional news, presenting the various range of events impacting daily life.

Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency confirmed on Wednesday the finding of the last body, indicating the conclusion of a miserable chapter in the tragic incident. Although most hikers were immediately found, the eruption imposed numerous injuries and burns. Almost 12 people are currently being treated in hospitals. Regardless of the dangerous situations and challenges, the cooperative search of the rescue team persisted in the mission.

Pacific Ring of Fire

The head of the Padang Search and Rescue Agency, Abdul Malik, reported to the press, expressing, “The joint search and rescue team has located a victim of the Mount Merapi eruption, currently in the process of evacuation.” The National Search and Rescue Agency reported the last hiker found was a woman.

Mount Merapi was affected by 127 active volcanoes. It attracts hikers regardless of its reputation for frequent eruptions. Some specific paths had just reopened in June after closures earlier in the year due to ash eruptions. The deadliest eruption of the volcano occurred in 1979, claiming 60 lives.

Survivors shared their horrifying experiences with the media. This tragic event severely highlights the unpredictable nature of volcanic occurrences in the region. It highlights the ongoing risks for those living near and exploring active volcanoes. So, authorities need to cope with this serious issue to save people from the horrifying volcanic influences in the future.


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