Monument to Shakira in Barranquilla to Stand Taller than 20 Feet


Barranquilla, the hometown of international music sensation Shakira, is preparing to pay tribute to its beloved artist by erecting a monumental statue in her honor. This larger-than-life sculpture, a partnership between Barranquilla’s mayor’s office and local artists, will stand at an impressive height of over 20 feet. Crafted from enduring bronze, the statue is currently in the construction phase, expected to weigh between three to four tons upon completion.

Capturing Shakira’s iconic and dynamic presence, the statue portrays her in a signature belly dancing posture. The attention to detail is remarkable, with intricate craftsmanship evident in every element, from the graceful curve of her feet to the flowing lines of her skirt. The choice of material also adds to the symbolism, with the sculpture taking on a honey-colored hue. Notably, the skirt’s composition comprises a blend of both bronze and aluminum, contributing to its unique visual texture.

shakira monumental statue

A sneak peek into the creation process was shared through a video posted on the Instagram account of Jaime Pumarejo, Barranquilla’s mayor. The video showcases Yino Marquez, a local artist, sharing insights into the making of the statue. In the video, Pumarejo’s excitement is palpable as he marvels at the progress, remarking, “What are we watching? Well, you’re watching about 70% of the model of the Shakira sculpture.” Marquez, who is actively involved in the sculpture’s creation, provides a glimpse into the dedication that has gone into this artistic endeavor. He explains, “We’ve been working for the past 45 days since the day you made the announcement.” The video also sheds light on the transformation of Shakira’s dress into a wave-like form, evoking the imagery of the sea.

shakira in black dress

Barranquilla, as the birthplace of Shakira, holds a special place in her heart and artistic journey. The statue is a reflection of her impact not only on the global stage but also on her local community. It’s a testament to her journey from Barranquilla to becoming a worldwide sensation. Mayor Pumarejo underlines the significance of the project, emphasizing that it’s an opportunity for local artists to create a magnificent work of art while celebrating the city’s connection to the iconic artist. He states, “And here we are, in La Paz, with young Barranquilleros sculpting a dream.”

This, however, is not the first time that Shakira has been immortalized in bronze in her hometown. In 2006, another statue of the star was erected near the Metropolitano stadium. Designed by German artist Dieter Patt, this statue stands at 16 feet tall and stands as a reminder of Shakira’s lasting impact on Barranquilla and the world.

Shakira's statue

As the construction of the new statue progresses, anticipation grows for the final unveiling of this monumental tribute. Shakira’s statue not only captures her physical likeness but also encapsulates her spirit, her journey, and the inspiration she continues to provide to her fans worldwide. It’s a manifestation of the deep connection between an artist and her birthplace, a connection that resonates with people around the globe who have been moved by Shakira’s music, energy, and charisma.


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