Yankees’ Duelling Comebacks: Anticipation and Apprehension Surround Two Veteran Returns

Anthony Rizzo and Josh Donaldson

According to New York Yankees’ skipper, Aaron Boone, the team is anticipating the return of two veteran players, Anthony Rizzo and Josh Donaldson, who have been sidelined due to injuries. However, an intriguing twist has emerged as fans are unequivocally favouring Rizzo’s comeback, while expressing a different sentiment for Donaldson’s potential return.

In a social media update shared by Chris Kirschner, a prominent reporter covering the Yankees for The Athletic, Boone revealed that Anthony Rizzo’s recovery progress could soon lead him to face live pitching in practice sessions. Rizzo’s absence stemmed from a post-concussion syndrome sustained during a collision with Fernando Tatis Jr. from the San Diego Padres earlier in the season. Prior to the injury, Rizzo displayed impressive form, boasting a batting average of .304 along with 11 home runs in his first 53 games. However, the aftermath of the collision significantly impacted his performance, resulting in a slash line of .172/.271/.225 with only one home run in the subsequent 46 games.

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As the Yankees have navigated through a somewhat lacklustre season, fans are hopeful that Rizzo’s potential return could inject a much-needed energy boost into the lineup, revitalising their aspirations for a more successful campaign.

Conversely, the situation takes a different turn with the prospect of Josh Donaldson’s comeback. Reports suggest that the 37-year-old third baseman is actively working towards a potential rehab assignment. He had been placed on the injured list on July 16 due to a right calf strain. Interestingly, his situation is complicated by the fact that he was subsequently shifted to the 60-day IL, a move that would limit his playing time if he does return, considering there would be less than a month left in the regular season.

However, the fervour among fans appears to be strikingly opposite when it comes to Donaldson’s potential return. Having struggled this season with a slash line of .142/.225/.434 in just 120 plate appearances, coupled with the fact that he is nearing the conclusion of a four-year, $92 million deal, a significant portion of Yankees fans seem to lean towards discontinuing Donaldson’s tenure in the Bronx.


The Yankees’ approach to integrating these two veterans back into the team will undoubtedly be an interesting aspect to observe. While Rizzo is expected to make a swift re-entry into the lineup upon his recovery, the road ahead for Donaldson seems to be paved with different considerations. However, the fans’ sentiments underscore a clear preference for one over the other – a preference that could potentially influence the team’s decision-making.

In a sport where fan opinions often resonate with management strategies, it remains to be seen how the Yankees will navigate these divergent expectations. While Rizzo’s potential resurgence is welcomed with open arms, the prospect of Donaldson’s return seems to be met with scepticism by a fan base that yearns for a more impactful presence on the field. As the Yankees face this intricate dilemma, the contrasting sentiments of their devoted supporters highlight the intricate relationship between players and fans in the dynamic world of professional sports.


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